Ventura Divorce Service Provides Alternative To County Court’s Frustrating Self-Help Service

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For more information about filing a California divorce or the divorce process in California, visit our web site at or

Avoid Courtrooms and Expensive Lawyers. Don’t let the California divorce legal system scare you. A People’s Choice is here to make your divorce fast, easy and hassle free. And don’t spend needless money for a divorce attorney when you can handle your own divorce with just a little professional help from A People’s Choice.

Save hundreds of dollars and file your divorce yourself as compared to using a divorce attorney for the same process.

Hear what this individual has to say about her frustrating using the Ventura County Self-Help Service and how using the professional, efficient and low cost divorce services of A People’s Choice saved her time and made the QDRO and divorce process easy and stress-free.


Well after a lengthy court battle and costs, I was trying to find a way to get some divorce paperwork done [to divide our retirement plans] at a cheaper cost without having to go through lawyers again. So I chose A People’s Choice [a Ventura legal document service] for that reason.

When the paperwork came back from the attorneys, we were told that we could use the attorney to file the additional QDRO paperwork but the cost was so high and we had spent so much already in legal matters that we chose an alternative with A People’s Choice to get the paperwork done which was a lot cheaper and a lot easier I think in the process without having to go back and forth to lawyer’s offices and all that.

It was easy to contact A People’s Choice and we got a response right away. We came in right away and got the QDRO paperwork filed right away and the process was a lot easier than constant back and forth with lawyers.

When we came here to A People’s Choice, we found that it was easier, everything was explained in one step, and we noticed that everything was filed right away through A People’s Choice. We didn’t have to go through all the different avenues to get the information we needed. Everything was explained easily. You know, everything made sense and the filing process just seemed very easy and simple. If we needed something to respond to, a simple email was all that was sent and a response was right away. So I found that quite, quite pleasurable to know that if I needed something answered I got a response right away and I didn’t have to wait for an attorney to get back to me or anything like that.

Using A People’s Choice was fast. It was easy. I saved quite a bit of money and I really would recommend A People’s Choice to anybody else that might be filing legal documents.”


A People’s Choice is a Registered Legal Document Assistant’s office located in Ventura County, California and provides non-attorney legal document preparation services for all California courts.

A People’s Choice prepares bankruptcy, legal and other court documents for real estate matters, bankruptcy, divorce, legal separation, annulment, estate planning, civil, adoption, eviction, guardianships, conservatorship, probate, business formations, incorporation, Limited Liability Companies, nonprofits and much more.

Call now to talk directly to a professional legal document assistant at A People’s Choice or visit our website.

Tel: 800-747-2780

A People’s Choice is a non-attorney alternative for typing of your legal documents. We are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice, select forms, nor represent you in court. It is strongly recommended that you seek the advice of competent legal counsel before the filing of any legal documents. LDA #5 Vta. Co. (11/30/16)

A People’s Choice provides legal document preparation services for the State of California.

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