Attracting traders to your brokerage is hard, but converting them to live accounts and retaining them can be even harder. What if there was an easier way?

Introducing TradeSocio.

TradeSocio is a social trading and marketing platform designed to maximise return on investment at each stage of your marketing funnel. From increasing your qualified leads, to boosting your demo-to-live account conversion and retention rates, TradeSocio takes your marketing to a whole new level.

So, how does it work?

TradeSocio provides you with your own social trading platform that engages and retains your traders in an interactive social environment.

Designed by experts in behavioural science, TradeSocio’s platform incentivises traders to invite their friends using gamification. This allows you to attract more traders at a reduced cost per acquisition.

TradeSocio increases your demo-to-live account conversion rate by automatically sending targeted messages to individual traders at the moments when they’re most likely to upgrade their accounts.

Once traders have created a live account, TradeSocio focuses on maximising lifetime value and retention through a series of marketing and sales automation tools.

With TradeSocio, you have full control over the platform from your broker admin account. Here you will find an extensive analytics and reporting suite, a wide range of customisation features, and a range of tools to improve your marketing and sales effectiveness.

To see how TradeSocio can accelerate your growth, request a free demo of our platform today.


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