The No Stop, Hedged, Grid trend Multiplier, Random Forex Trading Technique for lazy Forex traders

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Hi, I have just finished my weekly risk management processes on my Grid Trend Multiplier Random Forex Accounts that are 3700 pips up in 20 days and made a training video of one of the key methods: Pruning
There are many ways of managing risk when trading the no stop, non-directional Grid Trend Multiplier, Random market system.
They are:-
Careful currency selection
Good grid size determination
Lot sizing according your account size.
Giving the system freedom to let the multiplier out trade potential losses.
Using hedging principles that ensures that there is a buy and sell transaction to capitalize on any price action possible.
And weekly Pruning
The video below deals with the highly important method of pruning. When pruning you eliminate potential negative deals without impacting profitability at all. So you are no worse off but your exposure to risk may have halved.
Please watch this video very carefully and raise any questions in the comments section of this website (please no emails).
Kind Regards

Alex du Plooy
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