The Difference Between Self Confidence & Self Esteem w/ Psychotherapist Hugh Barton

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What’s the difference between self confidence and self esteem? What are you emotions telling you about uncomfortable situations? What’s the power that introverts have?

Hugh Barton’s path towards becoming a psychotherapist makes him uniquely qualified to help creatives because he was one. He started out in life as a talented musician but lacked the confidence to pursue this professionally. So he attended SVA in NY and studied graphic design. He worked as a professional typesetter for a few years before rediscovering his love for music, and worked as a composer for the next 20 years. The industry took a downward turn and it sent him into depression. While getting help from a therapist, he was inspired by wanting to help others. 8 years later, he is a licensed psychotherapist and believes in spiritual psychotherapy.

Hugh Barton

Psychotherapy for Creative Spirits

01:57 What was your path to becoming a therapist?
03:00 What is a typesetting shop?
05:00 What happened between working at ad agencies and becoming a psychotherapist?
07:20 How old were you when did you decide to make a change in your career?
09:49 How do you overcome the feeling of guilt and overcome imposter syndrome?
11:10 The difference between self-confidence and self-esteem
14:00 Does our self-confidence drop when being around other people?
14:57 The Negative Interject/Inner voice
15:50 What are some of the tools to use to discern what voices are our own?
18:09 Is it natural that we all build external praise?
19:57 How long did you carry these negative imprints, and how did it manifest in your life?
23:10 Notice what happens, or what you are feeling when you’re around someone.
26:06 How do you know if you are reacting defensively to people based on hurts/pains from the past?
27:00 If you continue to see negative trends and patterns, you may be projecting onto others.
30:24 Real world example: Hostile conversation with employee
33:06 When the person was in the midst of their tantrum, how old were they emotionally?
34:10 Be Empathetic: Diagnose and unpack their concerns and meet them where they are
40:45 How do you control your emotional reaction/ego when someone else is exhibiting hostile behavior?
41:50 I Statements: I am feeling [emotion], I was hoping for [outcome], In the future, I would like [alternative] together
44:50 The best truth that I know is what’s inside of me.
47:30 Should you try to avoid using the word “You” in your I Statements
49:42 What if you have a hard time identifying your feelings?
53:28 What if you cannot afford a therapist?
56:36 What is Spiritual Psychology?
1:00:33 How do you associate the guilt that comes with money?
1:03:08 What factors compel you to lower the price on your sliding scale?
1:05:33 You price the client, not the job
1:06:55 Give the best job possible in given the budget
1:07:57 Typology – Carl Jung Introverts vs. Extroverts
1:10:20 The best business people know themselves the best.
1:11:45 The ability to be self-reflective is the key to self-confidence.

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