“Scalping and Intraday Trading the Euro Dollar”


The Euro Dollar is the currency of exchange between the two biggest economies in the world; the Euro Zone and the united States.

Because of this it attracts more attention, liquidity, volatility and most importantly opportunity than any other currency.

In this webinar we will examine non traditional methods of analysis to identify Scalping and Intraday Trading opportunities for the European and North American trading sessions.

The focus will be on price action trading using news flow to identify trading opportunities. Indicators will be used as a guide of what traders may be looking at rather than providing us with entry and exit signals.

What to expect?

• Candlestick Analysis
• Price Patterns
• News/Order Flow
• Market Sentiment
• Scalping Plugins for MT4

The webinar will go for one hour and will include live analysis of the Euro, questions will be answered throughout.

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