Best Self-Help Song Ever – Some Thoughts by Dr. Joe Vitale (Mr. Fire)

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The world’s first self-help singer-songwriter, Dr. Joe Vitale of the famous Law of Attraction movie ‘The Secret’, reveals that “Some Thoughts” are good, and others are crappy, and how to change them “like a jukebox in your mind.”

Vitale may not be Jimmy Buffett, Jason Mraz, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty, or Rob Thomas, but his original classic rock music with upbeat positive messages brings on smiles. Katy Perry or Jewel should record this. His band includes Rock and Roll Hall of Fame drummer Joe Vitale, bass man Glenn Fukunaga, and producer Daniel Barrett, with guest appearances by Grammy nominated singer Ruthie Foster and Guitar Monk Mathew Dixon.

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“Some Thoughts” is from the best selling album “One More Day: Life Lessons in Hypnotic Song” available on CDBaby or iTunes or from

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