Autism Video Modelling to Teach Self Help Skills: Putting on a Jumper

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Video modeling and video based instruction have been proven to be an effective means to teach individuals with an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis and other developmental delays self help skills.

Our videos use an age appropriate model to demonstrate skills, which provides a more accurate reflection of the child learning the desired skill. Our videos aim to provide a tool for the systematic teaching of age appropriate skills to promote greater independence.

While they are primarily used by therapists, teaching staff and parents have also had great success using our videos both in the home and educational settings.

This video depicts Katie putting on a jumper. She completes this task entirely independently and a voice over provides a clear description of the sequence of steps she is undertaking.

For this particular video, there are a number of ways it can be used to teach the self help skill of dressing. Here are some suggestions:
– Position your child in front of the video with their own jumper. Have your child copy the dressing sequence at the same time Katie is modelling the steps. Provide hand over hand prompting as required.
– Position your child in front of the video with their own jumper. As the child watches each step, pause the video and have your child copy the demonstrated step. Provide hand over hand assistance as required.
– Have your child watch the entire video from start to finish. Then have your child copy the desired skill independently.
– Watch the video with no sound. As Katie performs each step in the sequence, point to the screen and provide a verbal prompt such as “Do that”. Have your child copy the step and provide hand over hand prompting as necessary.

If you have any suggestions on other play, social or self help skills you would like to see targeted, please comment on the video below!

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